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Welcome to short-course.co.za! Keeping the mind active is just as important as keeping the body active, and learning new things. Those who have completed short courses in any field show an open and interested mind, an enthusiastic attitude and a lust for life. We hope this website will inspire you as well!



About Us

Short courses are one of the most dynamic features of the emerging education and training system of South Africa. The information and advice in this website will help you to use short courses to your advantage.


What is a short course?

Short courses are practical, convenient and can really boost your CV. To find out exactly what it is -read further. 

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The benefits of shout courses

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Short courses available in South Africa

Use our directory to get quick access to a variety of course providers. 

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Tip for enrolling and studying a short course

We can help you avoid the common mistakes students make regarding short courses. 

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Short-courses.co.za formed powerful partnerships that you can benefit from. We want to introduce you to colleges, academic partners and useful assistant sites to use during your studies and career. Please have a look at our directory of education providers and career services. 

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